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How long does a spray tan last?

With Bronzed Bodyz sunless tans, you can expect to get 7-10 days of beautiful color. Our body is shedding skin cells every day, some faster than others based on their daily activities. 7-10 days is an average, this can also differ

from person to person based on how well you take care of your tan. The right maintenance products are imperative 

to make your spray tan last long and fade evenly. These products can be purchased through Bronzed Bodyz.


How/when should I book my appointment?

It's always best to schedule at least a week in advance. Wed-Friday's are the busiest days for spray tanning, so to ensure

an appointment day and time that works for both of us, please call/text/email in advance.  If you have an event on a Friday, then the most ideal day to spray tan is 2 days prior. The same would go for a wedding. On the first day after your spray tan , you will be your darkest, so please keep this in mind when booking. 


Where in my home will you spray tan me?

With Bronzed Bodyz, you can be sure that your home is left as it was when we walked in.  We just need an area with 

good lighting and enough space to pop up the spray tan tent. Usually the primary bathroom, foyer or kitchen works!


Why should I choose Bronzed Bodyz?

Melissa , the owner, has more than 12 years experience spray tanning clients. She is also spray tan certified and continues ongoing training to keep her skills sharp. You can find out what our clients are saying on Yelp, Google and Instagram. All our products are made with Organic Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Extract (organic) and Green Tea Extract (organic). Our ingredients are sourced from the USA and are FDA approved. 


How do I prepare for my spray tan?

The night before your tan, you should exfoliate (oil-free) and shave. Prior to Melissa arriving, you should be free of any lotions, perfumes, deodorant, jewelry and  makeup. 


What do I wear to my spray tan appointment?

Female clients are welcome to spray tan bare, or with underwear and bra. Just remember that whatever you wear, will leave lines. So if you have a backless dress, you may not want to wear a bra for example.


What can I wear after my spray tan appointment?

Loose clothing, preferable dark in color. No denim for 24 hours and no tight leggings .


How do I take care of my spray tan?

Depending on the solution you choose (Express or Regular) you will want your first shower to be a water rinse only! With the Express solution, you have the convenience to rinse off in 1-4 hours. With the Regular solution, you can rinse off in 8-10 hours or choose to sleep in it overnight.  After 24 hours, you may shower with a sulfate/paraben free cleanser and always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This can be done with a product that does not contain alcohol (drying to the skin) and does not contain mineral oils (can strip the tan). Bronzed Bodyz carries travel sizes and also larger sizes for your spray tan needs. Inquire with Melissa. 

What is the difference between the Express and Regular Solutions?

All the solutions used by Bronzed Bodyz are all Paraben, Gluten free and Organic. The differences between the Express and the Regular solutions is the length of time you leave the product on.  At Bronzed Bodyz, the price is the same with whichever you choose.  With the Express, you control the darkness of the color by when you rinse. 1-2 hrs you will get a light tan, 2-4 hours and medium tan, and 3-4 hours the darker tan.  If you do not abide by the rinse of times, you risk the chance of the product over developing.  With the Regular solutions, the technician chooses the color and tone and you will rinse off in 8-10 hours, or if you prefer, you can sleep in it and rinse in the morning. 


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